About Us

Rebel Teens

Rebel Teens is an exciting expansion of Rebel Lifestyle Magazine which features successful trendsetters who are making positive changes in society through style, business, entertainment, health, cuisine, art, inspiration and beyond. Because we strive to bring you the content that you have been yearning for, the reader will always be our first priority.

Who We Are

We believe that true rebels are not simply individuals who go against society rules or norms merely hoping to be different. However, we believe that rebels are leaders, trendsetters, and strategist. Individuals who habitually challenge society and show courage in the face of opposition. They beat the odds, reject the status quo, and make their values known. When they speak, people listen, giving others both power and voice. In this season’s issue and those to come, you will see all of those attributes displayed.

Our Approach

Rebel Teens is more than an entertainment magazine; it is a vehicle to inspire young readers to make positive changes in their lives. Today, more than ever, people live busy, full lives. Young men and women desire excellence for themselves and their loved ones, with an unbridled focus. Teens are looking for simple answers to life’s complex questions: How can I live up to my full potential?

Through our unique digital platform, Rebel Teens is designed to inspire, inform, and introduce you to a variety of topics that are guaranteed to speak to the visionary within you.